Laboratorium Pilot Plant Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian
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VISION: To Become an Internationally recognized Pilot Plant in Establishing Functional Food Industry by Exploiting Local Potency Commodities That Integrating Applied Research and Innovation in Asia.



  1. To provide space, building, equipment and cutting-edge technology for students and staff members for practical works and research purposes, based on local potency.
  2. To provide Agro Industrial Clinics for communities and stage holders who need help from Staff Members of Pilot Plant.
  3. To carry out Start-Up Agroindustry for students or communities who want to establish a new business.
  4. To create Tools for Connecting Faculty and Industrial Network where Classroom Theory Marries to Practical Application.
  5. To become a Center for Producing Functional Food Industry at a Pilot Plant Scale in the Application of Science and Technology.
  6. Involve actively in community development program, specifically in the area of East Java and East Indonesia Regions.